Movie Theatre Trailers


I have a little tradition with my wife. It sometimes irritates her, but she puts up with me. When we go to the theatre to see a movie, I count the movie trailers before a movie. I don’t just count them, though. I have to count off the trailers to her by sticking fingers up in front of her face. It all stems from a theory I used to have.

Before the days of big-budget films and advertising mega-budgets that get people to see movies no matter how good or bad they really are, you could tell how good a movie was going to be by the number of movie trailers they stuck in front of it. The more trailers, the better the movie. I think the movie-makers figured they could throw more advertisement in front of you and you’d forgive them because the movie was good.

Nowadays, this theory doesn’t hold true. They just throw advertisement after advertisement at you and don’t care if you forgive them or not. Don’t get me wrong, I like the movie trailers a lot, but a little consideration would be nice. How else are we supposed to tell what they think of their product?