Number 6 – Just Two Days Away


The Jingle Jog 5K in McDonough, GA is tomorrow. I need to develop my race strategy, and I’m confused. I have no idea what pace to set to get a personal best time.

The first couple 5Ks I did, I went out slow and left too much in the tank at the end. I was OK with that because I was just getting my feet wet. The next couple races, I went out faster. I showed improvement in each race, but still felt I could do better. The last race, I thought I went out way too fast, about killed myself on the hilly second mile, all but gave up on getting a personal best until I got the race time, and left it all on the course the last mile to get my personal best.

I guess the obvious answer is to go out fast again and hang on at the finish, but it just seems wrong. I guess I better figure it out. I hear the course is relatively flat. So, I guess setting the same pace as last race might work since the steep hills won’t be there to kick my butt during the second mile. We’ll see, I guess.