5K Number 5 Already?

I’m not sure how smart this is, but I’m going to do another 5K just two days after the Turkey Run 5K I did yesterday. At least I’ll have company, again. I guess I’m on a mission to collect racing numbers and t-shirts.


That’s kind of the fun of doing these races – collecting the prizes that say, “Hey, I accomplished something”. I like to write my times and other pertinent details on the back of the race numbers and use them as a kind of filing system and history. (I know, I’ve only done four races so far, but that’s the plan.)

The t-shirts are another story. I don’t know what to do with them. Right now, I just hang them in my closet. They are too big to hang on the wall. I’d like to figure something out so that I can display them or use them for a specific purpose.


2 responses to “5K Number 5 Already?

  1. I totally get wanting to collect all of the shirts from your completed races. I have only run two 5ks. The first one was on September 11th and had a logo of the Twin Towers but nothing about a 5k. The last one I ran had 5k/10k across the back and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I am still a little weary about wearing those shirts out in public so have decided to wear them around the house with my pajama pants (it helps remind me that scarfing on ice cream is not a good idea). Congrats on going for another run. I seriously spent all day sleeping today after my Thanksgiving run yesterday and don’t think I would be ready to run again in two days. Good luck!!!!

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